Computer Security Resources

Computer Security is not just one topic, but a wide variety of topics
that cut across many spectrums. This is my simple attempt to put a
semi-organized SAMPLING of the resources available into one place.

Feel free to e-mail me at dtobin at fairmontstate dot edu with recommendations

General Computer Security Sites SANS Reading Room - Lots of subcategories of information
WinTasks and registry utilities - Know the processes running on your system
Computer Security Certifications GIAC Certification - SANS version of certification, with several subject areas
Goals of Computer Security
Information Warfare "Information Warfare," 1st Ed. - First chapter of Winn Schwartu's book on this topic
Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster? - Another viewpoint of the infowar
Information Warfare: Issues and Perspectives - A third viewpoint of infowar
Viruses Viruslist Site - Offers current info on viruses and ranks threats
Trend Micro Virus Info Site - Another great source of virus info, and much more
Melanie Riebacks's RFID Viruses - What the title says, of course!
Rootkits Greg Hoglund's Rootkit Site - Where else would you start to learn?
Bughunter's Rootkit Site - A good deal of info about Linux LKM rootkits, as well as source code
Password Crackers Cain and Abel - Most popular Windows password cracker (and more)
John the Ripper - Popular Unix cracker, but with Mac and Windows ports
THC-Hydra - Unix, open-source, and needing coding help to extend it
Online Password Checker - Test the strength of your password!
Pwdump6 - Windows 2000/XP/2003 NTLM and LanMan Password Grabber
Denial of Service
Access Control
Buffer Overflows Attacks Buffer Overflows - A good deal of info about various buffer overflow attacks and concepts
Spyware Spybot Anti-Spyware - Learn about spyware and how to detect it
Packet Sniffing Wireshark - Moast popular probably, and formerly known as ethereal
TcpDump - The classic sniffer, before Wireshark came along; still good
Cain and Abel - Also a packet sniffer (and more)
Port Scanning NMap - Most popular port scanner, with other stuff added
Introduction to Port Scanning - Good article on port scanning
Wikipedia's View - Another good overview of port scanning
IANA Port Numbers - Nice list of common ports
Intrusion Detection
Wireless Security Aircrack - Fastest available (so far) suite of tools for 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA cracking
Kismet - Powerful wireless sniffer; used in raw monitoring mode
Airsnort - Another tool for 802.11 WEP encryption cracking
Intellectual Property
Network Architecture Basics
Risk Assessment
Workplace Issues
Computer Security Policies SANS Security Policy Project - Massive collection of various computer security policies: the first place to start!
"Hacker" Groups
"Hacker" Individuals
Intrusion/Disaster Recovery
Privacy Issues
Computer Forensics
Peer-to-Peer Networks
Computer Crime Internet Crime Complaint Center - File a complaint or learn how to protect yourself a bit
Vulnerability Scanning National Vulnerability Database - Highly searchable database of all known vulnerabilties
Steganography Wikipedia Entry - Learn about the growing risk of steganography